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For a thousand years after the fall of Rome the Byzantine Empire holds at bay the barbarian hordes of the East ensuring the traditions of Greece and Rome survive long enough to take root and thrive in the West. Without the political acumen of Justinian, the organizational skills of Narses and the military genius of Belisarius Byzantium might have imploded during the Nika Rebellion of 532. Instead of falling into civil war the Eastern Roman Empire thrives. The Byzantines reconquer North Africa and Italy, Justinian codifies Roman law which spreads throughout the realm greatly influencing the legal systems that follow.

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He hoped for the progress, prosperity and well being of the people of these states. Section 7 of the RBI Act empowers the central government to issue directions to the RBI in public interest. This section has, however, never been invoked by the government so far. Section 7 has two parts — consultation and then issuing a direction to the RBI for taking some action in public interest. TRAFFIC, the wildlife trade monitoring network, has issued an advisory to enforcement agencies calling for increased efforts to help curb trafficking and sacrifice of owls.

In 1964 the poverty rate stood at nineteen per cent, in 2011 fifteen per cent. Since inception forty-eight years ago, 10.5 per cent was the lowest level of poverty recorded. Apparently, the only people who have benefited from the war on poverty are the tens of thousands of bureaucrats who administer the plethora of federal, state and local programs. Clearly we need to try a different strategy to end poverty and thereby the attendant ills that plague so many people directly and society as a whole indirectly.

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A total of 51,782 polling stations will be there in Gujarat, says Kumar. In view of the pandemic, the Commission has decided to extend the poll timing by one hour in all Assembly Constituencies. The COVID-19 patients, who are quarantined, will be allowed to cast their vote at the last hour of the poll day at their respective Polling Stations, under the supervision of health authorities, strictly following COVID-19 related preventive measures.

After nine hours the failed artist and former Corporal who had bested Chamberlain, Daladier and Schuschnigg at diplomacy admitted defeat. Although Petain agreed in principle the two leaders reached no firm commitment to bind Vichy France to the Axis. Hitler’s personal disappointment and frustration aside, the unsatisfactory outcomes of these two meeting held a much larger significance for they played no small part in Hitler’s decision to invade Russia when it became apparent England would not capitulate.

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Determined to prove himself after what he considered to be his early failures Gram drove himself to succeed in his chosen career and he did. He went on to become the London Bureau Chief for the Philadelphia Public Ledger. 1913 found Gram working as the Bureau Chief for Berlin and Germany writing for the Chicago Daily News. Gram truly made his mark in 1914 covering the great opening battles of World War One. He was also the first to report on the existence of BIG BERTHA, the 420MM howitzer built by Krupp used to crush the fortresses at Liege. Gram then cemented his burgeoning reputation with his coverage of the disastrous Allied landings at Gallipoli.

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McClellan on the other hand had 65,000 men at Frederick a scant fifteen miles away and another 20,000 men readily available a few miles to the south. The Japanese were quick to exploit their tactical success at Pearl Harbor. Malaya, Hong Kong, the Philippines, the Dutch East Indies and Burma rapidly fell to combined army and navy forces in a Japanese blitzkrieg. At this point most Japanese admirals argued for a concerted push toward Port Moresby, Papua to complete the conquest of New Guinea, combined with a continued drive to Tulagi in the Solomon Islands to seize control of the Coral Sea region. Capture of these critical areas would isolate Australia and, quite possibly, lure the remnants of the American navy to its destruction leaving Hawaii, Midway and the Aleutian Islands vulnerable.

Previously Lee had issued general orders and left execution of those orders to the discretion of his subordinates. Gone were the orders which ended with the caveat “if practicable.” Commands were forceful and direct causing quite a stir among his senior subordinates unused as they were to such brusque behavior from the gentleman who led them. H. Hill were entrenched on Evelington Heights protecting every heavy gun the Confederates could drag into position and emplace including fifty Union pieces captured during the preceding week. Longstreet, Ewell and Huger were dug in north of the River Road which ran from Malvern Hill eastward past Evelington Heights while A. P. Hill, Magruder and Holmes had fortified the far side of Kimages Creek which flows into the James River. As he had been in the Shenandoah Valley campaign (March – June 1862) Jackson was hugely successful.

Purpose built for scouting operations, the after decks were fitted catapults, cranes and facilities for five seaplanes. Ideal reconnaissance platforms Tone and Chikuma were given the center lanes of the planned search pattern. The United States could muster only three carriers, seven cruisers and fourteen destroyers for this crucial battle.

Among the debris of the Confederate camp Corporal Barton W. Mitchell chanced upon an envelope. That sheet of paper was a copy of Special Orders 191, Lee’s precise plan of operation. By the afternoon of 13 September, Lee’s orders to his senior commanders were in McClellan’s hands. Alerted to the danger by a Confederate sympathizer Lee dispatched couriers to his commanders and began to withdraw, first to South Mountain, then to Sharpsburg where his far-flung regiments were ordered to rendezvous. Like many of his age Mahan believed that every element of human enterprise, be it science, history, social behavior or war, was governed by natural, universal laws ordained by God. With the proper application of reason these laws could be deduced and applied to ones benefit.

In the furor that followed Shiloh, Grant’s superior, General Halleck, and others envious of his growing reputation, called for Grant’s removal for incompetence. Due to confusing orders and washed out roads his hapless troops spent the entire day marching and counter-marching, not arriving where they were badly needed until after 1900, Difference between Direct and Indirect Taxes too late to take part in the first day’s battle. Although he acquitted himself well on the second day, rightly or wrongly Wallace’s here-to-fore promising career ended in disgrace at Shiloh. He was blamed for the near disaster on the first day and Wallace spent the remainder of the war in inconsequential commands on secondary fronts.

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In these circumstances, the tenets of Marxism had to be altered to conform to reality. Strict control of the population and overwhelming military power were deemed necessary to further the revolution. If capitalism would not fall of its own accord, then the Soviet Union would bring about its demise by direct or indirect means. The glories of a classless society, the end of the coercive state, would have to wait until after world domination had been achieved. In New York City for a lecture tour a famous adventurer, author, politician, soldier and statesman left the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel where he was staying to visit the home of Bernard Baruch on Fifth Avenue. Late in the evening of 13 December 1931, the taxi in which he was riding dropped him off across the street from his intended destination.

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The debacle at Dien Bien Phu marked the end of French involvement and the beginning of America’s war with her former friend, Ho Chi Minh. Fleet exercises conducted in 1928, 1932 and 1938 thoroughly demonstrated the vulnerability of Pearl Harbor to attack by carrier borne aircraft. Ignoring the results of those war games, disregarding repeated warnings from Washington D. C. And displaying a remarkable lack of caution for a senior naval officer, Admiral Kimmel, Commander in Chief Pacific did nothing to ensure the security of the American Pacific fleet moored at Pearl Harbor.

Beauregard remained at the Confederate Headquarters in the rear to coordinate activity there and channel reinforcements where they were needed. Around 1400, as he was organizing an assault, Johnston was wounded in the right calf, directly behind the knee. In the heat of battle he did not realize he had been seriously hurt but the shell had torn the popliteal artery and, as his boot filled with blood, Johnston slowly bled to death. Johnston continued to give commands until he fell from his saddle around 1430. Earlier Johnston had dispatched his personal physician to tend Union wounded.

  • Thrown against a window, Hitler, unfortunately, sustained only minor bruises and a broken finger.
  • A recent report by the Comptroller and Auditor General of India pointed out that only 18% of the rural population has access to potable piped water, failing to meet the 2017 target of 50%.
  • The Governor and Company of Adventurers of England trading into Hudson’s Bay better known as the Hudson’s Bay Company built a sheep ranch on the island while Americans, per the Donation Land Claim Act, moved there to farm.
  • In the crucible of battle however senior commanders all too often ignore the lessons of their youth.

To counter the Japanese threat Australia rushed a militia unit, the AMF 39th Battalion, up the Kokoda Trail. Further the 39th had just completed basic training, had no combat and certainly no jungle experience. As Victor Davis Hanson brilliantly noted, the ripples of battle carry far beyond the immediate military repercussions to influence all aspects of society, as the rest of the story of Lew Wallace and other notables present at Shiloh will attest. Consider now the events of April 1862, the Battle of Shiloh, forty-eight hours that will make and break careers and consequently, have a monumental impact on the outcome of the American Civil War. The events ended in an All-Star Global Concert at the Melbourne Arts Centre’s renowned Hamer Hall.


India will give about 3 million US dollar grant for upgradation of Indo-Zim Technology centre. Assistance for construction of Mahatma Gandhi Convention Centre in Zimbabwe will also be granted by India. In a bid to stamp out poverty and hunger, more than 20 countries have committed to a new declaration on agricultural and rural development. The commitment came at the end of a forum on international development cooperation in Changsha, China. The Changsha Declaration aims to ramp up the efforts towards South-South Cooperation, an initiative working to eliminate hunger and malnutrition through the mutual sharing and exchange of good practices, resources, and know-how between countries of the global south. The Centre is banking on an Indo-German Human-Wildlife conflict mitigation project to prevent a recurrence of the controversial killing of tigress Avni in Maharashtra and deaths of seven elephants by electrocution in Odisha.

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In the USA, Pittsburgh synagogue shooting was a mass shooting that occurred at Tree of Life synagogue of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on October 27, 2018. The incident happened while Shabbat morning services and a bris were being held. President Ram Nath Kovind inaugurated a two-day Gyan Kumbh at Patanjali Yogpeeth in Haridwar on November 3, 2018. He said that besides educating children, it is imperative on the part of teachers to inculcate good manners and character building in the students.

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